Some jurisdictions do not recognize a prenuptial Agreement. For instance, in England and Wales there is no formal recognition, although more recently courts have adopted an attitude that lends support for such agreements in the event of divorce and a division of marital assets.

So what exactly is a prenuptial agreement?

A Thailand prenuptial agreement is a written contract created between two people before they are married. This typically lists each property each individual owns and makes specifications of what each person’s property rights will be in the event of a divorce or breakdown of the marriage.

Debts incurred during the marriage, of whatever nature are in general the responsibility of both parties.

A prenuptial agreement in Thailand is governed by the Thai Civil and Commercial Code and it is important to seek legal assistance from an experienced Thai law service, like Opus Law Intl., who is familiar with the laws in Thailand and will give you the sound advice and guidance to prepare a prenuptial agreement.

A prenuptial agreement is a valuable scheme to protect assets of one or both parties. It can be used to make sure, for instance, that debts incurred by one party remain the responsibility of that person.

The expert lawyers at Opus Law Intl. will advise and draft agreements in accordance with your wishes, in both English and Thai.

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Date:December 9, 2015

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